Absolent AB wins order from American Car Manufacturer

Absolent AB in APAC/China recently secured an order worth over 10 MSEK from a major American Car Manufacturer.

Absolent connects at EMO in Hannover

Absolent exhibits at the EMO trade show in Hannover, Germany. It will take place between 18-23 September and is one of Europe’s largest and most important trade shows for the metalworking sector. A variety of industries, companies and manufacturing processes are represented, all focusing on the theme of the year; connecting systems for intelligent production.

Absolent starts sales company on the French market

This spring Absolent AB, a subsidiary of Absolent Group, will start a sales company in France. The company will be named Absolent SAS.

Absolent 扩充A.line系列推出新款A.5过滤器

201733Absolent 发布了新款A5过滤器. 是继先前发布的A.10 之后第二款A.line 系列过滤器。与兄长一样, A.5是油雾和油烟组合过滤器,适用于高转速及高冷却压力的小型机床。



Absolent AB 的新任CEO

Axel Berntsson已经被任命为Absolent Group AB集团下属子公司Absolent AB的新任CEO

Absolent 收购了Avani